Jonas Lundhagen

Jonas Lundhagen

Head of Strategy and Finance, also leading customer relations and partner engagements.

Mr. Lundhagen's professional credentials include serving as Senior Management Consultant to Sweden based Intelligent Grid Technology Sweden AB, from year 2015-2017, with its portfolio of solutions and services to support the two pillars of critical infrastructure of any society - telecommunications and utilities. 

Prior to above, Mr. Lundhagen served as Chief Technology Officer of Seanet Maritime Communications AB (publ), a mobile telecommunication operator, that provided telecommunications services (Mobile service, VSAT broadband service, etc) to extreme places, primarily at sea around the globe. Mr. Lundhagen also Co-founded LGP Telecom AB in 1992, later combining another Swedish antenna/radio technology company, Allgon, with it and then getting it sold to American Telecommunications giant, Powerwave, in 2004 for around SEK 3 Billion (~USD 407 million).

He also worked for Motorola with Market development and Engineering within the wireless and wireline industries. He even served as Deputy Director and Director of SwitchCore AB from 1998-2000, joining Bluetronics AB in year 2000 as the CEO and at the same time served as Member of the Board of Comhat AB. He is also the Co-Founder of the successful venture capital network, ExpansionsKapital (EK) and has served as Partner of V2 Fund and as Investment Manager at ITACT.

Mr. Lundhagen holds a MBA in Finance from an ivy-league, The Stockholm School of Economics (HHS) and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm (Sweden).



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